Sunday, March 1, 2009

For My Princess

Yesterday I shared with you what I made for my little boy, today I thought I'd show you what I've made for my baby girl (well, she's no longer a baby but she's still MY baby :o)). I love making stuff for girls, as I love pinks, and frills, and butterflies.. I decided on a garden theme for the little princess, with butterflies, ladybirds and dragonflies.. sweeeeettt :o)..

This is the lamp..

The clothes hanger. This time I painted it pink :o).

I searched high and low for a pink clock, but to no avail. This clock was white in colour (the same RM5.90 clock I got for Aiman).. so I spray painted it pink! Easy! :o)

And the sweet pink mirror. Sorry for the blurry photo. Try as I might, I could not take a good photo without getting myself in the reflection :0).

And the boxes for her hairbows and clips and frilly socks.. If I can find them that is! She hides them everywhere! Usually there's one under the sofa, one behind the cushion and if you're not careful there'd be one going into her mouth (yup! the socks too!).

And another growth chart that I made from scratch. I love how it turned out!:o)

A sign for the door just like Abang Aiman's.. :o)

And last but not least, a pink wastepaper basket. Oh, I've got to share this with you. I showed the basket to Amira, pointing at the butterfly, I asked, "what's this?". To which she answered,"ba-fy". I was so proud. Then I pointed at the ladybird and asked again, "what's this?". She confidently replied "ipash, mama!" (coachroach, mama!). Hahaha! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry!

My sweet, sweet girl.. she's such a bundle of joy! I hope she'll grow to love them. Enjoy Amira, mama loves you! :o)

Twigs & Feathers