Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pretty Green Container

Surprise,surprise, another little project :o) I found this green container with pretty leaves and scrolls at a rejects store (please ignore the light green lines, the flash from the camera caused that). I'm sure if it had been perfect it would have cost quite a bit, but since it's not perfect, they were selling it at only RM15. The whole thing is almost perfect, no chips, no cracks and no scratches. You want to know the imperfect part?

There, see that hole? The cover/lid is missing a knob :o) . But I fell in love with the colour and the design, so it came home with me :o). I tried to find a suitable knob at a hardware store but none seemed to fit (design and colourwise). My solution?

This butterfly started its life as a napkin ring. Pretty isn't it? It just took me a couple of seconds to realise that it would look quite nice on top of my container!

So, out came the pliers and I carefully took it apart. I tried to glue it onto the cover using super glue but it just would not stick so I used my trusty hot glue gun and glued it on. Hot glue is not strong enough but it does its job at keeping it on. I'm just using the container as a decorative piece at the moment so I guess it's good enough.

See? Doesn't it look quite perfect now? So whimsical..

The leaves and the butterfly reminds me of a garden.Ahhh.. the little pleasures of life..

Twigs & Feathers

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cake Stand

I'll admit, there are a lot of things that I would like to have for our new home. Some are just waaaay down our list with the budget that we have set. Like a vacuum cleaner for instance, that has gone into the "luxury" category, also known as, the "not within our budget at the moment" category. But well, there's always my mum's to.. ehem.. borrow :o) So it is always a pleasure to find things that you think would break your budget but with just a bit of creativity, would turn out to be something that you always wanted but at a much more affordable price.
About a month ago I was walking around a local thrift store, treasure hunting as usual, and guess what I found?
This green 12" scallop-edged plate with flowers embossed on it. And the tag said RM10. How can I resist? I was happy to take it home as is but wait.. what is that I see??
This dusty little green bowl sitting quietly all alone at the bottom most shelf caught my eye. Does it match the plate? Yes!! Price tag - RM3!
So I happily bought them and started on my project. You see, I have always imagined having a pretty cake stand on my dining table (I would love to entertain!:o)) but the large, pretty ones are always so expensive. But look at how these turned out..
Just measure the diameter of the bottom of the bowl and measure and draw that on the bottom of the plate. Make sure that where you draw, the surface is flat and smooth, otherwise the bowl will not stick.

Use some ceramic glue (I just could not wait to get some ceramic glue so I just used super glue :o)) , and glue the bottom of the bowl to the bottom of the plate as shown.

After the glue has set, turn it over and voila! A pretty cake-stand. How charming.. just what I needed.. ok,ok.. wanted.

On a diet? A fruit stand it is :o). A pretty cake-stand for a total of RM13, I say that's a wonderful bargain!

Twigs & Feathers