Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bird's Nest

When I have some luxury time to myself I love to surf the net for home decor ideas. One of the sites that I love to visit is Pottery Barn. It's a home store in the United States and they have beautiful items that I can only wish for. Firstly, they do not ship overseas and secondly and most importantly, even if they do, it's not within my range of "affordable" goods :o).

What I love doing is to replicate whatever that I fancy from what we have here locally. Recently they added on some nest stuff and I fell in love with the look..

photo: Pottery Barn

Pretty, isn't it?

photo: Pottery Barn

..this one has a variety of Orchids in it..

photo: Pottery Barn

..with lighted candles..

photo: Pottery Barn

and even as a plate charger.. awww, how sweet.. (positively drooling now..)

Would you like to see my humble version? (my much cheaper version, really :o))

I bought a nest and some baby blue hydrangeas and put it together. Just added a fancy candle for this one..

.. added some marble eggs for this one..

I even found this cute nest complete with eggs on sale, ready to be displayed :o)

It is now happily sitting on my TV cabinet..

Thank you, Pottery Barn.. for all the inspiration!

Petals & Berries

Mama Chair

as advertised on Mudah

I have been naughty. I've been online shopping again. BUT in my defence, I bought it on Mudah :o) it's about HALF the price from what I found in the shops. Yes, it is used, pre-loved if you like :o) but the previous owner has kept it real well. It was advertised as "mama chair" and I fell in love with it at first sight. It was already midnight when my eyes set upon it and I had the crazy impulse of sending a text message to the owner there and then to ask whether it's still available ..but I managed to stop myself :o) barely :o). I wrote the owner's number on a little piece 0f paper and went to bed dreaming of the chair.. heee..

I had a very busy day the next day, somehow forgot all about it and only saw it again when I surfed the net a couple of days later. I was sure someone would have already bought it by then but I decided to just try my luck. I nearly fell off my chair when the owner replied that it's still available! I quickly called hubby and arranged to view the item with the owner and the rest is history! :o)
See, it is feeling right at home.. :o) Aaaaahhhh.. (doing the happy dance..)

..and this is the other side of the buffet and hutch..

Two for the price of one.. (oh, and the lovely lady owner threw in the cushions too for free..) Proves that it does not have to be expensive to be beautiful! (if you know where to look!) :o)

Petals & Berries