Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bird's Nest

When I have some luxury time to myself I love to surf the net for home decor ideas. One of the sites that I love to visit is Pottery Barn. It's a home store in the United States and they have beautiful items that I can only wish for. Firstly, they do not ship overseas and secondly and most importantly, even if they do, it's not within my range of "affordable" goods :o).

What I love doing is to replicate whatever that I fancy from what we have here locally. Recently they added on some nest stuff and I fell in love with the look..

photo: Pottery Barn

Pretty, isn't it?

photo: Pottery Barn

..this one has a variety of Orchids in it..

photo: Pottery Barn

..with lighted candles..

photo: Pottery Barn

and even as a plate charger.. awww, how sweet.. (positively drooling now..)

Would you like to see my humble version? (my much cheaper version, really :o))

I bought a nest and some baby blue hydrangeas and put it together. Just added a fancy candle for this one..

.. added some marble eggs for this one..

I even found this cute nest complete with eggs on sale, ready to be displayed :o)

It is now happily sitting on my TV cabinet..

Thank you, Pottery Barn.. for all the inspiration!

Petals & Berries

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