Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kitchen Sneak Peek

Hi! I'm currently working on my kitchen decor. And I love playing around with what to display on my shelves. And my fire-breathing-dragon-English-teacher would cringe if she knew, after all her hard work, I now start sentences with "And". But hey, I'm no longer in school, so there. ha!
Hmm.. my wet kitchen is still being built so I have not decided on anything yet but I know I'm having fun with all the possibilities. Would you like to have a sneak peek?

I bought the trivets on the shelves and the matching potholder and oven mitt even BEFORE we bought the house :o) And those tiny spice jars, I decorated them myself. Click here if you would like to see how I did it.

And how could I forget about my cupcakes collection. I bought some of the tins from a sweet friend of mine here.

Aren't cupcakes all the craze at the moment? I love them! Yummy!

How are these for a start? What do you think?

Twigs & Feathers

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